Ontario Fishing and Outdoor Videos Free Fishing MagazineWelcome to our little site of Ontario fishing (underwater too!) and outdoor wildlife videos.  We have got all sorts of neat amateur fishing videos. We are always adding more videos and update often.   High Speed is recommended for these videos.

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Ontario Wildlife Videos

Moose Video  Sneaking up on a Moose Taken in Algonquin park in 1996

Moose Montage   Moose Montage All the moose from a canoe trip.

Otters  Otters Playful creatures.

Eagle Fishing  Bald Eagle Fishing No Fishing Tackle needed here!

  Moose having a feed - Taken from a canoe, awesome video.

Loons Singing  Loons - Here is a couple of loon singing!

  Two Moose feeding on the shoreline! Windy Day