Ontario Walleye Fishing and Outdoor Videos Free Fishing MagazineWelcome to our little site of Ontario walleye fishing (underwater too!) videos.  We have got all sorts of neat amateur fishing videos. We are always adding more videos and update often.  

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Walleye Fishing Videos


Underwater video of a walleye taking a swipe at a Due North Tackle Spoon!

Walleye Release Late Ice Walleye Nice walleye through the ice!
Walleye Release Nice walleye  - On a summers day. Walleye with a nice yellow belly. Live released.
Hilda Lake Walleye - A couple of nice ones!!
Underwater video of a walleye hitting a Lucky Strike Spoon
walleye - pickerel Another Underwater Video of a walleye hitting the spoon. Great Action
School of Walleye Underwater Walleye Video - UNDERWATER School of 8 or 9 walleye just swimming by!!
Nice quick video of a walleye swimming by.
School of Walleye passing by!
Bass and Walleye
Walleye swims right by camera!
School of Walleye right off a big rock reef!
  Nice Walleye in the net.  Lunch makes its way to the boat!
  Walleye Spooking the Minnow  UNDERWATER No way was this minnow just going to get eaten!
  Perch and Walleye after a Minnow UNDERWATER Perch and walleye chasing a minnow around
  Walleye eats a minnow and then spits it out! UNDERWATER
Lucky Walleye
Lucky Walleye misses out on being shorelunch.
  Nice walleye caught.  Got enough for a great shorelunch already!


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